About us

Why Us

We instill the love of discovery and innovation in students, helping them to develop their curiosity, self-esteem, and resiliency. Gifted children have specialized social, emotional, and academic needs. Our program is designed to focus on all three of these areas. Children need a peer group with whom they are able to share the love of discovery and develop healthy self-esteem, and our staff is knowledgeable in working with the specialized needs of gifted children who often require support in this area. Our instructors are able to connect with and provide the motivation to expand the learning desire in gifted children.

Our Story

Bita Nasri is a Las Vegas business owner, wife, and mother of gifted children. On her journey to find a school for her son, she toured many different schools and was left frustrated with her options. After devoting two years to research and investigation about gifted children and their educational needs, she felt the need to do something.

In her search, Bita discovered the National Association of Gifted Children that provided her the ability to connect with other parents and schools for gifted children. While finding several wonderful programs out of state, moving was not an option. She concluded that Las Vegas desperately needed a school that could provide a full time, appropriate educational environment serving the needs of gifted children. With this realization, Bita’s passion to provide a solution has brought to life the opening of a school in Las Vegas for gifted children.

She is excited to bring this dream to life with the opening of Nasri Academy for Gifted Children in September of 2016. Children in grades K-3 will be able to benefit from her passion to meet their needs. In August of 2017, we will expand to K-5th grade, followed by a final expansion to K-8th grade in August of 2018.

Mission: The Nasri Academy for Gifted Children is committed to providing an engaging, stimulating, and nurturing environment where the intellectual, academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of students are met in order to produce ethical world citizens. Through a curriculum that includes creativity, depth, complexity, and differentiation students foster academic excellence and lifelong learning.


Vision: To be a premier independent school for gifted students in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Philosophy: Our philosophy teaches to the whole child, utilizing hands-on, collaborative, integrated experiences, where students are engaged in advanced and stimulating content. Students are given time, encouragement and the resources to maximize their learning potential in a happy, healthy environment. Children are nurtured by highly trained administration and faculty to foster growth in the areas of intellect, academics, creativity, art, music, leadership, and physical fitness.

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