"A teacher affects eternity;

he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Henry B Adams

Bita Nasri

Bita Nasri, a native of Las Vegas and mother of two gifted children, attended Green Valley High School where she had barely passing grades due to poor attendance. School was not of interest to her. In hopes of making things more challenging and interesting, she enrolled in Brigham Young University at the age of 15, where she worked on courses for college credit.

After graduating high school at 16 years old, she worked in her family’s electronics business. At the age of 19, she took over the business and is currently the President of the largest electronics service company in Las Vegas. Bita went on to attend University of Nevada in Las Vegas and graduated with her BA in business management. She continued her education, attending UNLVs Executive MBA program, with a graduating cohort of 14 professionals in 2010.

Professionally, she has been involved with the electronics industry for many years. She has chaired committees for NESDA (National Electronics Servicers and Distributors Association), and is a committee member of RLA (Reverse Logistics Association). Bita has also been a guest panel expert at the national conventions for both of these organizations. Bita is currently a licensed real-estate agent involved with commercial and residential investing and property management. Working alongside her husband, she oversees the marketing and accounting.

Bita loves spending time with her family, traveling and exploring!  She is not afraid to try anything once.

Bita is passionate about opening up Nasri Academy for those students who need a place to succeed in their educational endeavors. She realized that if she had the vision, and an expert team of gifted educators from around the country beside her, this dream could come true.


I am writing on behalf of Bita Salimian to attest to her character. I have known Bita for close to 10 years. She is well qualified to found a school for gifted children. She has the charisma and intelligence necessary to interact with gifted children and their families and to further their successful integration into our community.

Unfortunately, being gifted can be a very isolating experience. We often have to “dumb ourselves down” to fit in with our peers. It wasn’t until college that I felt safe to express myself in the company of like-minded individuals.  No child should have to wait until 18 years of age to express themselves. Bita understands this.

She is a great listener and problem solver. She genuinely cares about gifted children and their families. Our families have to be careful about  educational services  that claim to help us, yet do not deliver what was promised.

I have no doubt she will create a safe environment for the children at her academy. Being involved in the lives of kids is a huge responsibility. Whether psychological or medical issues are facing her kids, she will respect their right to confidentiality and help their families find the right resources. She will also be honest in saying “Look, this is not the right place for your child, but let me help you find a better place .”  

She genuinely cares. She is nonjudgmental. She is a good decision maker. She has identified a need in the community and is working tirelessly to fill a gap in our education system. I wish her all the best.


Dr. Aditi Sanatinia