"You can teach a student a lesson for a day;

but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning

process as long as he lives.

Clay P. Bedford

Meet our Teaching Staff


Mrs. Berman

SCHOOL COUNSELOR & TEACHER (Reading and Literature)

Ms. Berman was a gifted educator and facilitator for 26 years in the Clark County School District. Her experience in the field of gifted education began in 1981 as a teacher/specialist and she has been part of the growth of the GATE program in the public school system. Mrs. Berman earned a Master’s degree in school counseling in 1983 from UNLV and has developed innovative programs for families of gifted students and their parents. Mrs. Berman was SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) certified in 2003 and has coached parent and student groups. In addition, she has created the curriculum and course work for the Nevada State Gifted Endorsement Program at Sierra Nevada College and taught several foundation courses for new GATE specialists. Allison was part of a team of GATE specialists that developed the Scope and Sequence for the CCSD GATE Program in 2005 and has presented at national and local conferences on various topics related to gifted education.

Ms. Berman’s experience and passion for gifted students is prominent. She is excited to work be staring her fifth year working at Nasri Academy for Gifted Children. Her goal is to guide students to meet their academic and social potential. She is continues to look forward to serving the educational needs of gifted learners in our community.

Ms. Berlin

TEACHER (TK/Kindergarten)

Ms. Farrah Berlin teaches TK/Kindergarten in reading, ELA as well as the 1 & 2 graders in reading and ELA. She also teaches other related subjects. Ms. Berlin has been an educator in The Las Vegas Valley since 2008, spending the first six years working in kindergarten in independent schools. Ms. Berlin holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Administration. She also has a Master’s Degree in Special Education.

Mrs. Frye

TEACHER (Math, Pre-Algebra)

Mrs. Frye was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. For the past 20 years she has taught K-12 exclusively in the Chicago Public School District. She has taught several of the primary and intermediate grades and she has taught World and U.S. History.  She was a Social Studies Instructional Specialist for Johns Hopkins University for seven years.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree from National Louis University in elementary Education. Her Master’s Degree was obtained from Concordia University in the area of Curriculum and Instruction as well as School Leadership. 

Mr. Gregory

Dean of Students, TEACHER (ELA/English Literature)

Mr. Gregory is our new Dean of Students and ELA / LIT teacher. Mr. Gregory is a truly diverse educator. After high school he joined the U.S. Air Force and was sent to Intelligence School, he then was sent to Thailand where he interpreted aerial reconnaissance film of Laos and Cambodia for the CIA. After he left the Air Force, he went back to school to study Psychology. He developed the San Fernando Community Mental Health Center. Erik and Joan Erikson Center for Adolescent Advancement, and Somos Amigos. Mr. Gregory then went off to open his own

business. He longed for academia, so returned to college to get an MBA. He found that he had a talent for writing and the English language. Mr. Gregory then switched his major to English. After graduation he taught K-12 for 15 years. He was trained to teach AP, Honors, and ELA. As the years went on, he attended the Administrators training program and interned in CCSD. Mr. Gregory retired and has subbed at different schools around the Las Vegas area. Mr. Gregory was thrilled to hear about Nasri Academy for Gifted Children. He commented, “This is exactly what I have been looking for.” We are happy to welcome Mr. Gregory to the Nasri Academy Community.

Mr. Kubetz

TEACHER (Unit Social Study, Robotics)

Mr. Kubetz has joined Nasri Academy for Gifted Units Educator and Robotics. After receiving a degree in Human Development from the University of Wisconsin, he began his career in education with CCSD in 1990. Fourteen years was spent as an elementary teacher. Mr.Kubetz then moved into gifted education and was a GATE teacher for grades 3, 4, and 5 for six years. The past ten years he has been a Gifted Education Program Specialist. This position allowed him to work with highly gifted students from Kindergarten to grade 12. Mr. Kubetz also has worked with parents, teachers, counselors, and school administrators to make sure that the educational and social emotional needs of the gifted students were met. Mr. Kubetz will be on campus regularly in November after he retires from CCSD. Many of our parents have already met Mr. Kubetz, he was one of Nasri Academy’s presenters during the ʹ2019-2020, Parent Education Program. When asked about his goals he answered. “I am passionate about the social and emotional growth of my students as well as their educational growth. My goal has always been for students to be able to identify problems, seek solutions, and persevere when they do not succeed. I feel the best way to do that is to build a strong trusting relationship with students and their families. It brings Mr. Kubetz joy to help children develop to their potential. He is looking forward to working with everyone at Nasri Academy for Gifted Children”

Dr. Mirnabi

TEACHER (Coding, Technology)

Dr. Mirnabi He received B.S. degree in Software Engineering in 2007. His field on M.S. and Ph.D. are Information Technology-Network Engineering from the IT department of QIAU and NASRA in Armenia. He has taught Computer courses for B.S. and M.S. students at universities between 2009 and 2015. He was a judge of two International Computer Science conferences in 2011 and 2012.

In 2016, he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, as a PostDoc-Research Scholar. He researched WSNs, Data Mining, Bio-Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing in the past 10 years. He has written articles on Network and IT, which was published in Journals such as:  IEEE, Elsevier Journals,  and conferences. He has a coach the Robotics and has helped at Nasri Academy for Gifted students  2018-2019 and 2019-2020. 

Mrs. Pavelka


Mrs. Pavelka has worked professionally as an artist and instructor (for children and adults) for over three decades. She specializes in numerous mediums and has taught throughout the world. She is an author of several books and has been a frequent contributor/columnist for numerous magazines. She has been featured on several television shows (on HGTV, PBS, and DIY Networks) and can currently be seen on various YouTube channels. 

Her signature product line for crafters and artists is sold in over 60 countries. 

Mrs. Pavelka’s artwork can be seen locally at the ART2Art District in Tivoli Village and on her websites: www.lisapavelkaart.com and www.lisapavelka.com.

Her primary passion is sharing the love of creativity through teaching. Mrs. Pavelka believes that everyone Is an artist in their own right and that we just have to find our canvas(es). Her goal as a teacher is to help students realize this by exposing them to various mediums and creative processes, while enhancing their confidence through art.

Mr. Peerenboom

Assistant PE

Mr. Peerenboom graduated from UNLV with a B.A. in History. While attending UNLV he studied abroad in China and was a moderator at a national convention in Montreal Canada. Anthony aims to use the experience gained by working at Nasri Academy to obtain his masters in secondary education sometime in the future. He has a passion for working in the educational field, which was greatly impacted by one of his friends/mentors at UNLV.  He is honored and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Nasri family and for the experience that comes with it.

Mrs. Sobel

TEACHER (Music, Theater)

Mrs. Sobel comes to Nasri Academy for gifted children with years of teaching music and theater. She is trained in the Orff-Schulwerk method for music classrooms. She has also had an extensive professional career in music and theater. Mrs. Sobel has recently graduated with her, Master’s in Education from UNLV and is an adjunct professor.

Dr. Stauffer

TEACHER (Physics and Geometry)

Dr. Robert H. Stauffer Jr. is so excited to be part of the Nasri family. In his younger days he traveled to Japan to study martial arts and received his black belt while in Japan. He went off to college and when he was a sophomore he met his future wife. They were both 17 at the time. Dr. Stauffer was a gifted child and then is a member of Mensa. He has been published and is best known for his publication in The Physics Teacher. It was about how to measure the speed of light in your microwave at home. The lab is still being done at universities from Nairobi, Kenya to Sydney Australia. Dr. Stauffer has taught either high school or college for 30 years and he was an adjunct professor of statistics at CSN. Currently, he writes a column for Companion Animal Magazine on endangered species. To help protect endangered species in Nevada, Dr. Stauffer became a registered lobbyist and fought for the passage of Assembly Bill 83 to make the few remaining moose in Nevada a protected species.

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Mr. Akana


I have designed, choreographed, and wrote an original music program for a k-12th grade students _ meeting state & federal education mandates, developing a school wide Character Education program. Along with character education, I also have experience in writing music lessons that specifically target curriculum in other areas, mastering the art of cross curriculum. I Founded the Kahiki O Tamarii School of Music, originally written & composed and performed - offering students a music education dedicated to drums & Cultures of human history on this planet -. I have the experience of growing up on stage at Sea World in many states fostering a love for music & dance- at a very young age-. I am also a media specialist, supplying all audio tech. support & equipment if needed. I have worked in team teaching situations to connect with a diverse student population. I am a big team player, with leadership skills. I have worked a few years as a counselor gaining experience in special education as well as general public schools, applying clinical support counseling. I was raised on a 80 acre ranch in northern California, where I learned the value of hard work and to work with the environment, hence my decision to obtain a degree in Env. Studies was a natural choice but music is my soul! working as a professional musician / singer / teacher here in Las Vegas has been a blessing & is why i moved back after graduation from UNLV - Polynesian drum master - drumline master - i also play most instruments & able to teach from --   I am a 15 years music teacher - accomplished award winning drumline - & concert band - I believe with an understanding of ones own past and a appreciation for all others beliefs and cultural identities, a teacher/educator can impact every student with a life long positive belief in themselves. Many things can lead a person to make “bad” decisions in life. That bad decision can be a good decision when given a chance.
With an effective positive learning environment/Programs instilled at  school, we can foster accomplishment and self pride, a more well rounded learning experience. It is the utmost responsibility for us educators to ensure each student can find their own path to a success in any learning facility and be a winner. There is no room for negativity in education. When given the opportunity, we all can be a winner!

Mrs. Zeizel


Mrs. Zeizel graduated UNLV with a degree in Economics and plans on pursuing a Masters in Education with a focus in Elementary Education. Her passion for working with children began when she started tutoring elementary and middle school students in 2017 and has evolved to working in a school setting at Nasri Academy. She started as an After Care teacher at Nasri Academy in 2019 and is now a Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Zeizel is very excited to be working in the Math Department and to help provide the gifted students the best quality education possible.


Ms. Berkhousen


Ms. Berkhousen is originally from Michigan and moved to the west coast to attend UC Davis after high school. She currently lives in Reno, NV, and has been a science instructor for students identified as gifted and talented for over 20 years. Ms. Berkhousen has a passion for teaching science with an emphasis on STEAM education, and her specialties are high school chemistry and gifted teaching strategies. Ms. Berkhousen earned a Masters’ Degree  in Education from the University of Cincinnati in the field of Curriculum and Instruction with an  emphasis on the needs of gifted and talented learners.  

In her free time Ms. Berkhousen enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, watching movies and hiking with her dogs in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area.

Teaching licenses: 

General Science (Nevada) 

Gifted and Talented (Nevada) 

CLAD teaching credential in Biological Sciences (California) 

Specialist Instruction Credential: Gifted Education (California) 

English Language Authorization (Nevada and California)